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A hurricane and home delivery

“Sister, how’s your treehouse holding up?” That was the text from Nancy, a friend up the hill.

It continued: “Me stap wori smol lo u!” I’m a little worried for you.

It was 10:50am on Wednesday, and Cyclone Lusi was winding her way through Vanuatu. Read more »

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Water, water, everywhere

Written on the weekend…before TC Lusi dropped by.

Friday afternoon it started to pour, for the first time in a couple of weeks. Our water supply had been off for about the same length of time, so I grabbed whatever I could find to collect it in: a couple of buckets, my biggest cooking pot, a Sistema container. Read more »

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A time to reflect

Today, in a workshop on leadership, the facilitator asked us to introduce ourselves to someone we didn’t know – of the opposite sex – and ask them what their new year’s resolution was. Read more »